Build a culture of well-being and fuel work performance

Empower your workforce to build resilience, ease stress, and reach their full potential. All in one place, available anytime, anywhere. 

The all-in-one mental well-being platform for your entire workforce

Improve employee well-being

Give every employee anonymous and accessible support whenever, wherever. From individual and group sessions with a psychologist, to check-ins and self-guided care.

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Develop high-performing teams

Your leadership team plays a vital role in shaping a healthy company culture. Support managers to be a role model and improve the mental well-being within teams.

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You support your people, we support you

Improve employee well-being and create a culture of trust through preventive solutions. As your all-in-one mental well-being partner, we support you with onboarding, share insights and help you reach your goals.

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Make well-being a priority. Start today.

Poor well-being costs €1,500 to €2,500 per employee per year. Remove the barriers that keep people from opening up.

Up to 75% of people are dealing with some sort of mental challenge in their life.


70% of people are not able to meet their mental well-being needs.


Over 50% of employees that leave do so due to mental well-being reasons.


300,000+ people interact with us to perform and feel their best
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Boost motivation and productivity

Personalised learning tracks and check-ins
Using our check-in, employees can measure how they’re doing within 10 minutes. They can improve their well-being by educating themselves through our library of on-demand content. Always accessible and adapted to societal needs and events.
Sessions with psychologists in 22+ languages
Our psychologists are here to support your employees with their individual challenges. Sessions are scheduled in just a few clicks. Aimed to prevent challenges from becoming bigger, and help employees perform well and feel their best.
Group learning through courses and masterclasses
Driven by tech, we are able to quickly scale and create key courses and group sessions that respond to the needs of your employees. Always designed and personally guided by one of our certified psychologists.

Working from home, pandemic brain, and many more things: we are happy to be able to support our teams with 24/7 access to OpenUp.

Culture Manager - Inclusion, Equity & Diversity EMEA & APAC

Talking about your mental health can be daunting. OpenUp supports us to make our employees feel more comfortable talking about their challenges, small or big.

Culture & Places

When you don’t feel well, there seems to be a stigma around going to a professional. OpenUp is a light and easy way to do so.


We want to make sure that everybody is supported mentally and emotionally. By partnering with OpenUp we provide 24/7 coaching by certified psychologists.

Head of Talent Acquisition

Together with OpenUp we help colleagues to talk about their challenges. Opening up turns out to be crucial in finding a healthy work-life balance.

People Team

Preventive solutions and personalised plans with measurable impact

98% of our users feel more resilient after using OpenUp


90% of our users feel their concern is resolved after three sessions


96% of our users recommend OpenUp to friends and family


We support over 300,000 employees to feel better

Building resilient and motivated teams lowers absenteeism, sick leave, and turnover rates whilst improving employee satisfaction and loyalty. We offer anonymous and accessible support for everybody. Anytime, anywhere.

The mental well-being solution your workforce needs.
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