OpenUp enables you to....

Get insight into how things are going

64% of HR professionals say they find it difficult to know how employees are really doing.


Give your employees the help they're looking for

45% of employees prefer to discuss mental health questions with a third party.


Give advice on where to turn to for professional help

62% of employees do not know where to go to with mental health complaints.


Smart mental care, fitting each employee

Always a psychologist at your fingertips

Accessible, personalized support and coaching from psychologists for employees via chat, phone or video sessions with no wait times.  Whenever and wherever they want.

Support within the healthcare system

Support, coaching and referrals in the Dutch healthcare system – also for expats – if more than preventive care is needed.

Inspirational articles, webinars & programs

For any purpose, mood or interest, we offer inspiration and in-depth materials through your own safe environment within the OpenUp platform.

Get insights through reports

Get monthly insight into the number of employees who have been in contact with us, complaints and more. Without you being able to see who exactly has been in contact.

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Our clients rate us with a 9.6


We solve 95% of the requests for help


96% recommend us

“We think it is important that when employees develop psychological complaints, that we can help them. OpenUp’s professional psychologists help with just that!”

Roos Schelvis, Senior HR policy advisor Erasmus Universiteit

“We’re growing fast, which means the rate of change is high. This can be quite stressful for some employees. OpenUp helps our employees to become more resilient.”

Leonoor de Vries, Head of People Ace&Tate

Professional guidance

Our certified psychologists believe that the key to sustainable change is daily practice. Just as we sleep, eat, drink water and brush our teeth daily; it’s also crucial for our psyche to be cared for every day.

Want to know how OpenUp can help your employees?

Get in touch with Djurre Jansen via or 06-51098778 or fill out the form.

Djurre Jansen - Head of partnerships