A good night's rest is vital for your everyday mood and overall well-being, fostering resilience and emotional balance.
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Sleep Better: A Discussion On How To Enhance Your Sleep Quality
Tue 19 Mar 14:00 - 14:45 Europe/Amsterdam
Spots available - Masterclass

Finding quality sleep elusive? You’re in good company. In this Masterclass we will dive into a dynamic and enlightening conversation where we unravel the complexities of sleep from both a psychological and physical viewpoint.

Join our conversation between a psychologist and lifestyle expert, as we dissect the influences on sleep over the full 24-hour cycle, the interplay of the nervous system, and the psychological patterns like perfectionism that can disrupt our rest.

This isn’t our typical masterclass; it’s an interactive dialogue designed to break down theoretical concepts into tangible insights through personal stories, mutual learning, and addressing your questions and curiosities.


Can’t make it live? No worries: you can find the recorded masterclass afterwards in our library.

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