Finding purpose

Discovering your life's purpose is more than a compass, it's the key to fulfillment, resilience, and thriving mentally.
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Finding purpose
Discover Your Values
Tue 19 Mar 11:00 - 12:00 Europe/Amsterdam
Spots available - Group session

If you want to take the reins in your own life instead of letting it carry you along, it’s important to be able to direct yourself towards the things you find meaningful and valuable.

Values add this direction to your life. You can think of your values as your internal compass that helps you to set the course for your life. Living by your values helps you to set goals and to make choices that suit you and make you feel fulfilled.

It’s time to discover what your values are so that you can take steps towards living in line with what matters to you. This group session helps you to discover what’s important to you and how you can live by your values.

For this session we ask you to switch your camera and microphone on, because it is interactive and needs your participation.

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