Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to many questions you may have.
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I am unsatisfied with OpenUp’s services and would like to file a complaint. How can I do this?

You can initially discuss your complaint with your psychologist or lifestyle expert. Our psychologists and lifestyle experts are here to help you resolve any issues or complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, if you do not feel comfortable raising your issue directly, you can contact the OpenUp team via [email protected] who will be more than happy to help you.

How can I prepare for my OpenUp session?

Prior to your session, please take a moment to reflect on these questions:

1. What was your reason for booking a session at OpenUp?
2. What is your desired outcome of this session?

You can discuss your reasons and desired outcome with your expert at the beginning of your session.

I want to book a session with a psychologist and a lifestyle expert. Is it possible to book both?

Yes, both services are available to you at OpenUp. Please select which type of session you would like to book here.

When should I choose between a psychologist and a lifestyle expert for a session?

If you want to work on your mental well-being, including fostering positive thinking and healthy behavioural patterns, you can book a session with a psychologist, if you would like to work on creating healthy lifestyle habits including nutrition choices, improving your sleep quality, boost your energy balance, and find an exercise routine that fits your life, you can book a session with a lifestyle expert.

What qualifications do OpenUp lifestyle experts hold?

A lifestyle expert has bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field of applied sciences (HBO equivalent) such as lifestyle medicine, occupational medicine, nutrition, exercise science, or naturopathy.