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For Managers: Physical Awareness for High-Performing Environments

Work performance
  • calendar-icon Monday 13 November 2023, 13:45 - 14:30
  • Spots available - Masterclass
  • union-icon English
  • Aäron Spapens

In the fast-paced world of management, stress is an ever-present challenge. The relentless demands of leadership, the pressure to perform, and the weight of responsibility can take a toll on even the most seasoned managers. But here’s the good news: you don’t have to navigate the stress alone.

Join us for a transformative masterclass where we’ll equip you with the tools and insights to conquer stress, making you a more resilient and effective manager.

Aäron Spapens (MD), Lifestyle Expert at OpenUp will guide you through this masterclass. With over two decades of combined experience as a former (youth) athlete and a dedicated practitioner of lifestyle medicine, Aäron brings a unique perspective to the table, focusing on the intricate relationship between physical health and overall well-being.

In this masterclass, you will learn about:

  • – Body awareness
  • – Breathing as a metric and tool for stress
  • – Why exercise is key for stress and and how to do it correctly

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