Betty Liao

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Betty Is an English speaking psychologist based in the United States. Her goal is to help you uncover your inner strengths and lead a life that is worth celebrating. When working with a new client, one of her primary objectives is to foster a welcoming and encouraging environment. She believes the best outcomes stem from an engaging, collaborative working relationship. Consultation is a very personal experience and Betty strives to offer her clients the opportunity to be an active participant in their success.

We all need support at one point or another during our lives. Recognizing this, she strives to offer her clients the best outcomes possible. She considers herself to be a results-oriented psychologist. Therefore, she utilizes outcome measures to review improvements throughout the consultation process. She also frequently reviews the latest research in the field to ensure that you are receiving the most up-to-date evidence-based skills and interventions that have positive results. In the past she has often utilized CBT and other mindfulness-based orientations such as ACT and DBT. Since obtaining her psychologist licensure in 2016, it’s been an absolute privilege working along side and learning from her clients.

To take care of her mental health herself, she tries to be present for the other roles that are important to her in her life such as being being a mother to two young kids, a homemaker, a helpful neighbor, and an advocate for health and social equity. She also gives herself the permission to drink as much coffee as needed and jump on her outdoor trampoline for as long as she wants whenever the weather permits.

She is looking forward to working with you and congratulates on taking a step towards accomplishing your life goals.

Betty speaks English.

"Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose" - Living a vital and meaningful life is not about winning. If you are ready to show up just as you are; I, too, will bring my authentic self, and together we can make it count and do what truly matters.