Björn Eberhardt

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Björn is lifestyle expert at OpenUp, specialized in promoting a holistic healthy way of living. No matter you aim for more exercise, better nutrition, improved sleep, or managing stress, Björn leverages his extensive experience to help you seamlessly incorporate effective practices into your daily routine, making it simple to achieve your goals.

Believing in the importance of regaining control over one’s health for lasting changes, Björn prioritizes a healthy lifestyle, embodying the motto ‘Practice what you preach.’ His routine includes various activities like strength training, running, tennis, or hiking, coupled with nutritious and delicious meals. Regular meditations contribute to cultivate the mind-body connection, emphasizing that 8 hours of sleep are non-negotiable.

Over the years, Björn has realized that optimizing his personal health is not the end goal in life. Instead, it forms the foundation for his life’s purpose: as a certified health coach, empowering individuals like you to take charge of your health, enabling you to release you untapped potential.

He is fluent in German and English.

"Which simple step can you take today to become a better version of yourself tomorrow? Let's find out together!"