Charlotte Grimmel

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Charlotte is a psychologist at OpenUp.

She has a warm and non-judgmental approach. From a place of openness, authenticity and trust, she creates a safe environment for you to share what truly matters to you, address obstacles and challenges, and express the thoughts and emotions that come up in the process.

Charlotte has been working as a psychologist and coach for four years. In her work, she takes a whole-person approach and tailors sessions based on individual needs, mostly drawing from ACT, CBT, positive psychology and solution-focused therapy.

She has experience with topics like building confidence, self-advocacy, finding purpose, setting boundaries, stress, moving abroad, career transitions/advancement and many more.

To take care of her own mental health, Charlotte regularly checks in on her priorities. She lives a varied life and actively invests time into the hobbies and relationships that bring her joy and energy. In everyday life, she focuses on practising “small things” consistently – hydration, sleep, movement, and mindfulness.

Charlotte obtained her Master’s Degree in Psychology in 2018 at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. She has worked internationally in People Development and Human Resources and is also an accredited coach and 200-h registered yoga instructor.

Charlotte speaks English and German.

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