Denise Habets

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Denise is a psychologist at Openup. Many people describe her as direct but in a warm way. Her goal is to explore together with you what is happening now so that you understand it, and then we can make a plan on how to deal with it. Humor is an important part of the therapy, especially because we often deal with difficult and unpleasant emotions. Furthermore, Denise believes it is important that you can continue on your own strength after the completion of a treatment, with a plan that suits you, because everyone is different.

Denise has been working as a psychologist for 12 years, with various target groups starting from the age of 18. She also works as a Mindfulness trainer and uses techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, ACT, and Schema Therapy. Additionally, her expertise includes trauma and she frequently uses EMDR and exposure techniques.

To take care of myself in these busy times, I use the “practice what you preach” approach and implement many techniques myself. Additionally, I try to challenge myself every now and then and do things that I find scary in order to continue to grow. In terms of sports, I love surfing, which is the epitome of mindfulness for me. In my free time, I enjoy being creative, creating things and learning new things, with others or alone. All of the above helps me to maintain structure and calm my busy mind.

Denise obtained her Master’s in clinical Neuropsychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Denise speaks Dutch and English.

"Continue on your own strength"