Eline Lie

Self-confidence Stress and anxiety Work performance Finding purpose Relationships

Eline is a psychologist at OpenUp. During the conversations she strives to create order within the chaos for you. Eline is pragmatic and quickly gets to the point. She will examine with you what drives you in life and what keeps you away from your goals and dreams. Eline naturally offers you the space for vulnerability and confidence to act according to your values.

Because of her open, positive and unbiased attitude, she invites you to use your own strength to get going again, to actually take steps. She likes to match what you need in the right form of support, gestures and inspiration.

To take care of her mental health herself, she listens carefully to her needs and alternates between exertion and relaxation. She regularly checks in with herself by taking a walk in nature, and taking a moment of reflection on how things are going and what is needed at that moment.

Eline obtained her master’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University. She brings her many years of work experience as a consultant in the business world, and as an independent psychologist and coach, into the discussions. She likes work with the principles of  positive psychology, including Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT).

"Opening up creates connection, a basic need for survival. It gives me great satisfaction that I can contribute to this need at OpenUp."