Eva Witteveen

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Eva is psychologist at OpenUp. Please feel welcome to come exactly as you are, with everything that is alive in you right now. Eva will be present in the sessions through listening, bringing empathy and compassion, asking clarifying and deepening questions and inviting you to connect to the emotional experience and bodily sensations.

Together we can identify what it is that you need and which approach can help you on your path, whether this is about practical tools, honoring your emotions, changing dysfunctional thought patterns or solving a conflict in your life.

Eva has obtained her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the VU in Amsterdam. After this she started working in the field of medical psychology and chronic pain, focussing on the mind-body connection.

She brought this perspective to her work in the basic mental health care, where for the last four years she has been helping people with various complaints, such as depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, low self-esteem and burnout.

She is trained and experienced in working with ACT, EFT (emotion focused therapy), CBT and EMDR, which she often complements with body-oriented exercises, mindfulness, breathing- and relaxation techniques.

To take care of her own mental wellbeing, she makes sure there is enough space for nature, good food, creativity, connection with herself and connection with the people that she holds dear. Her nomadic lifestyle brings a lot of adventure and a sense of wonder into her life.

Eva speaks both Dutch and English.

"Thank you for reaching out, realizing you don't have to solve everything on your own. I'll be happy to walk along with you during our sessions together, finding out what can help you to move forward in the direction you wish to go. "