Frieda Frick

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Frieda is a psychologist at OpenUp. She engages empathetically with her clients, and likes to get a sense of how people are doing. By giving clients space for their emotions, she intuitively reads and picks up on those emotions to get straight to the core. Investing in people while encouraging and teaching them how to grow, and ultimately enabling them to unleash their true potential, facilitates her work as a psychologist and confident coach.

Having gained psychological consultation experiences in clinical settings and in the corporate world over the last three years, she employs quick analytical thinking and supports individuals to overcome challenges with short and solution-focused approaches.

Frieda uses ACT and CBT and strength based techniques on topics such as stress and work performance, anxiety, depression, as well as relationships and finding purpose in their lives. Her focus is on being mindful to accommodate the clients diverse requests and needs. To take care of her mental health, she engages in a healthy and active lifestyle. This includes going out in nature skiing, hiking and rowing. Frieda is also a licenced Yoga and Pilates instructor. She tries to take active breaks throughout the day to check in with herself and the tasks at hand.

Frieda has obtained Master’s degrees in clinical psychology, as well as in neurosciences at Harvard medical school, Brown University and Basel University. In addition, she completed an MScBA degree at Rotterdam School of Management.

Frieda speaks German, English and French.

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” C.Rogers How can you take charge of yourself and take a first step in the direction you want to go today? I am here to assist you in that.