Holly Paglia

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Holly is a psychologist at OpenUp. With a background in health & medical psychology, Holly likes to be mindful of the connection between mental and physical well-being. She also believes in accessible and client-centric mental well-being guidance – which to her means building confidence in and empowering people to utilize the tools and strengths they already have, creating tailored, focused and realistic steps that help you reach your goals, and adopting a collaborative environment that emphasizes the possibility of change and growth.

From educational settings to outpatient clinics, crisis lines to hospitals and private care, Holly has experience in a wide variety of settings. She has supported clients with behavioural concerns, anxiety & depression, stress & burnout, relationship challenges, and performance related goals.

These past experiences have helped Holly to expand on her therapeutic skills and develop a mixed-methods approach to psychology that allows her to personalize her guidance style to meet your needs. In her sessions Holly uses; ACT, CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused therapy.

What has had the most positive impact on Holly’s mental well-being has been exploring the outdoors in her home in Canada, and now her home in the Netherlands, setting small, manageable goals, checking in with friends, family and her community, and prioritizing time to read.