Kirsten Hexpoor

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With a back ground in psychology and coaching Kirsten aims to function as a catalyst in your personal development/in improving your mental health. She is able to ask you questions that will help you reflect and get to your own answers. Kirsten likes to look at the positive, to what’s already working for you and built on that, making use of the strengths based approach and solution-focused psychology. Because of her 3+ years work experience in the Dutch Mental Health Care Kirsten is familiar with using techniques from the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness. Former clients characterized Kirsten as easy to open up to, a good active listener, empathetic, analytic and practical.

After graduating from her MSc in Clinical Psychology Kirsten first started working as a Recruiting Consultant at Randstad from where she was head hunted to join a Management Consulting Firm, where she worked for 8 years. Kirsten was part of the HR and Learning & Development Team of the McKinsey & Company Amsterdam Office, where she got the opportunity to become a licensed coach and gain much training experience. After, Kirsten worked as a psychologist at several GP practices for 6 years, where she met many different types of people and requests for help.

Kirsten is comfortable helping you with all sorts of questions, any topic can be discussed. If Kirsten thinks the way OpenUp works does not fit your request for help, if she feels an OpenUp colleague is better suited to help you, or if she thinks you would benefit from psychological therapy, she will speak up honestly. Kirsten can then help you search for referral options.

To take care of her own mental health, Kirsten keeps her work-life balance in check and invests in lifelong learning.

Kirsten speaks Dutch and English.

"Let me help you help yourself"