Lama Hamdoun

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Lama is as a psychologist at Openup. Her practice involves assisting clients in various aspects of life, including but not limited to, stress management, emotional awareness, and cognitive re-framing.

Lama aims at providing her clients with the tools to gain a deeper insight into their emotional states and thought patterns. She offers guided exercises that encourage individuals to differentiate between various thoughts and choose the ones that serve them positively. She is skilled at helping her clients see situations from different perspectives, thereby opening new paths for personal growth. Lama’s empathetic nature allows her to form genuine bonds with her clients. She has the ability to truly listen and comprehend the emotions and perspectives of the individuals she works with.

To take care of her own mental health, she keeps in regular contact with her family to feel connected to her loved ones. Lama enjoys traveling and exploring new places in the world.

Lama has 10 years of experience as psychologist. She is a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology at the Lebanese University. Her scientific research focuses on emotional regulation, coping and resilience. She holds a Master’s Degree in clinical psychologist. Moreover, she was trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by the Beck institute in Philadelphia. She is also trained in Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In addition, she is specialized in Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) from Teachers College University of Colombia.

Lama speaks both Arabic and English.

"Sometimes in the wind of change we find our true direction. Let me support you into working on a more fulfilling mindset, improving your well-being and reaching your full potential."