Maressa Bispo

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Maressa is a psychologist at OpenUp. Maressa specialises in finding purpose in your career or life in general. With scientifically proven techniques, such as ACT and mindfulness, Maressa tries to bring you closer to your inner self.

She helps you to reduce the impact of thoughts and feelings driving you in the opposite direction. In her consultations, Maressa strives to create a safe and encouraging environment in which you are aligned on the same goals.

To take good care of her own mental health, Maressa meets with a psychologist every week and she does sports (yoga and cycling) on ​​a daily basis. In addition, she likes to cook Asian and finds it important to keep in touch with friends and family.

Maressa grew up in Brazil and completed her studies in Psychology at the Federal University of Maranhão (Brazil) and her Master’s in Behavioural Sciences at the University of Brasília.

Maressa speaks Portuguese and English.

"What if you move your life in the directions that are meaningful to you? What if you build habits to live in accordance with your values?"