Maxmud Mo

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Maxmud is a licensed and experienced online psychologist at OpenUp. He is dedicated to fostering positive mental health and well-being. Maxmud’s mission is to provide a confidential and empathetic space for individuals, helping you navigate life’s challenges and discover your path to personal growth.

Maxmud is specialized in stress and anxiety, personal relationship and personal growth, as well as work-life balance. His goal is to assist you in developing practical strategies for coping, improving relationships, and achieving your personal and emotional goals.

He is here to guide you through the process. Feel free to reach out for a confidential consultation, where we can discuss your goals, and concerns, and how we can work together to create positive change.

Let’s embark on this journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life together. Maxmud is looking forward to work with you.

Maxmud speaks Norwegian, English and Somali

"Trust and enjoy the process"