Nadine Batson

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Nadine is a Lifestyle Expert at OpenUp. She specializes in offering guidance and advice on various aspects of a person’s life to help them enhance their overall well-being and quality of life.

She aims to inspire and empower individuals to make positive changes in different areas of their lives, offering practical advice tailored to an individual’s needs and preferences. Nadine’s knowledge encompasses a wide range of topics, enabling her to address different aspects of life comprehensively. Whether it’s creating a healthier lifestyle, improving relationships, achieving work-life balance, or finding your purpose again.

Nadine discovered her deep passion for working with and empowering people as she traveled around the world for the past 10 years. She worked and studied mindfulness and how to bring more equality into the world. Nadine also trains yoga teachers and loves to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into her everyday life. Through her BA degree in Social Work, Nadine gained a deeper understanding of working with people in various communities and cultures, along with understanding the entirety of an individual’s life. While in University, Nadine volunteered and worked with Amnesty International, where she was able to grow her passion for helping people through her deep desire to listen and be of service.

Nadine is fluent in English and German.

"What do you need to feel empowered today ?"