Rhoda Gieske

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Rhoda is a psychologist at OpenUp.
Her work is defined by the values of seeing eye to eye with the client and transparency since she is convinced that it is her task to enable a person to access and discover already existing strengths and skills again. For that she focuses on exploring existing and potential not yet known resources and aim at a solution-oriented process that really helps to implement those findings in daily life in order to overcome a current problem or challenging life situation.
Her main focus is to guide the process with empathy, humor and curiosity while taking the problem itself seriously.
Also being able to transfer insights from the sessions into practicable day-to-day changes is very important for her work.
She is a systemic psychologist based in Cologne, Germany and is treating clients for 6 years now. Next to working as a psychologist for OpenUp she also sees clients face to face in a practice.

To take care of her own mental health herself, she tries to balance out her work with social activities with her friends and loved ones and enough time just for herself to do Yoga, go for a coffee by herself or take a walk and listen to a podcast.

Rhoda speaks German and English.

She took her Bachelor and Master in Psychology in Maastricht, Netherlands, and moved to Cologne afterwards. There, she started working in various clinical settings and started following her post-graduate program to become a psychotherapist.

"Every situation requires different sides of us to experience ourselves as self-effective and in charge. I am curious to find out with you together what you might need in your situation! "