Samantha Saxton

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Samantha is psychologist at OpenUp. Important values ​​for her are authenticity, honesty and openness. In conversations with Samantha you will gain insights through her questions.

Samantha has a background in top sports, which means that she believes it is important to work on targeted goals. She has also experienced that it is very important to be in touch with your own feelings in order to recognize your own needs and boundaries and to follow your own path. She has chosen to combine work as a psychologist with a musical career.

She has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and has more than 5 years of experience as a psychologist. She has gained experience at iPractice and in the anxiety disorders department of the AMC. There she worked with various methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). ACT really appeals to her, partly because of the components of acceptance, mindfulness, values ​​and committed action.

Samantha speaks both Dutch and English.

'What do you feel in your body and what does your body tell you? These signals give us much more information than we think and I'll be happy to guide you in this.'