Shannon de Vette

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Shannon is a psychologist at OpenUp. Her main goal is to provide a safe space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and desires and to make you feel more empowered (again). With her understanding character, openness, and authenticity, she makes it a priority to bond with her clients in a low-key way.

She would like to support you in becoming more aware of your current patterns and how to change some of them. Together, you will explore who you are and what your goals are, enabling you to make more conscious decisions in life.

With a Master’s degree in Clinical Forensic Psychology, Shannon started working in the forensic field. She then worked for three years in youth psychiatry with children, young adults, and their parents. She now utilizes her diverse experience working online and employs various techniques, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mentalization-Based Therapy (MBT), Mindfulness approaches, and Positive Psychology.

To take care of her own mental well-being, she creates a balance between adventures and relaxation. She enjoys learning something new about herself, others, and life every day. Additionally, she dedicates her time to reconnecting with herself through activities such as sports, reading, going for walks, dancing, and meditating.

Shannon is fluent in both Dutch and English.

"Become your own safe place and your biggest adventure!"