Soleil Erens

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Soleil works as a lifestyle expert at OpenUp. After earning her medical degree from Radboud University in Nijmegen, she gained diverse experience in various medical specialities before specialising in Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine. Soleil is also a certified yoga instructor and coach. 

Her focus lies in promoting vitality and balance, placing a strong emphasis on individual agency. Collaborating with Soleil means identifying your goals and regaining control over your well-being, with your strengths and values as the guiding compass.

Soleil is a dynamic individual who thrives on challenges and is currently delving into the study of evolutionary medicine to deepen her understanding of the benefits of lifestyle choices. 

To maintain her balance, Soleil incorporates brief moments of rest and relaxation into her routine. Whether through yoga, meditation, or running in nature, she always finds ways to recharge. 

Soleil speaks both Dutch and English.

"Which (small) step can you take today to become the most vital version of yourself?"