Zorana Vasilic

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Zorana is a psychologist at OpenUp. She has a warm, open, and engaging demeanor. She is a good listener and always on the lookout for new perspectives.

Her goal is to create an environment in which you feel seen and heard. In every conversation, Zorana aims to create an environment of shared goals and different options for cooperation.

During her treatment, she not only focuses on (re)discovering what is possible, but also on what is already there. This approach is often a good starting point for creating new possibilities.

To feel good and work on her mental health herself, Zorana starts her day with music and some movement.

Zorana has over seven years of work experience in pain rehabilitation, specifically in the area of pain rehabilitation that deals with the interaction between physical complaints and mental health.

Zorana speaks Dutch, English and Croatian.

"Real freedom is being able and dare to write your own story with the options available to you."