roi of mental well-being

Positive change for your people and organisation

74% of employees report that their productivity at work has improved by using OpenUp. Discover the value of supporting mental well-being in your organisation with our evidence-based solutions.
roi of mental well-being
The ROI of investing in mental well-being

(Source: Deloitte)(Source: Deloitte)


For every euro put into proactive interventions like OpenUp, you get back five euros in return.


When employees are at work but not fully engaged, it can cost €4,660 for each person every year.


If an employee needs to take time off, it costs at least €1,500 per person each year.

1.5 to 2x

Replacing an employee can cost 1.5 to 2 times their salary.

Why OpenUp?


of users recovered or, at a minimum, improved their well-being challenges.


of users feel better equipped to handle future mental well-being challenges.


of users agree that OpenUp’s services helped them recover faster.

Our impact on mental well-being at work

Positive shift in culture
75% agree that OpenUp helped them talk more openly about mental well-being challenges at work.
Reduction in turnover
70% agree that their experience with OpenUp makes them more likely to stay with their current employer.
Easy and fast access to expert guidance
90% agreed that it was easy to book an appointment and 87% agreed that they were able to book an appointment with OpenUp in a timely manner.

Our people are our assets. So we better double down on well-being effort to make them be able to perform to the best of their abilities.


We know that OpenUp has a positive impact: we see that in different ways, and the most important one is through the enthusiastic feedback we receive from our employees.

Human Resources Director

We have seen great adoption of the service with reduced absenteeism, especially in long-term sickness. Plus, the employees are very happy that we have this service available.

Marketing Manager

Since collaborating with OpenUp, our eNPS in health and wellbeing has risen substantially.

Coordinator of People Projects
ROI of mental well-being

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