We believe in a world where mental well-being is accessible to all.

Easy, affordable, and direct.

Creating meaningful emotional connections with millions

At OpenUp, we believe that every human should be able to share personal feelings and experiences with somebody who cares.

That’s why we’re on a mission to make mental well-being accessible to all. To inspire people to talk and share the good, the bad, and the ugly. To give people the tools to do this and normalise the feelings we all share.

In a time when all is up in the air; when people are looking for happiness but have a hard time finding it. When people are wishing for stability but everything is changing constantly. Where people want to express what they feel but can't find the words.

Because in the end, it's all about the people. People that are funny, happy, sad, mad, annoying, fearless, and vulnerable. People who worry, people who stand up for themselves, people who change lives, people who feel unheard, people who move mountains. The people that are the engine of your company.

Our Vision focuses on accessibility

360° approach
We believe that mental well-being is composed of multiple dimensions. That is why we are dedicated to offering effective, accessible, preventative solutions with a 360 approach to mental well-being: including the emotional, social, and physical aspects. All in one platform.
Removing barriers
Employees won't have to go through a complicated onboarding process, get approval by HR, or face long waiting times to get the mental well-being support they need. Furthermore, we help your organisation to keep mental well-being top of mind.
Empowering people
We help people improve their well-being through shared experiences, and personalised support. In this way employees can make sustainable and positive changes, leading to increased job satisfaction, happiness, productivity and reduced absenteeism.
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Our journey

Mar. 2020
First consultation
Jan. 2021
10,000+ people that have unlimited access to OpenUp
Jan. 2022
100,000+ people that have unlimited access to OpenUp
Feb. 2022
Helping people in 15+ countries
Feb. 2022
140+ colleagues from 17 different nationalities
Mar. 2022
120,000+ people helped
Apr. 2022
Berlin office opened
May. 2022
Lauch OpenUp in France
Jun. 2022
150,000+ people that have unlimited access to OpenUp

The values we live by


We believe in the power of daily practice. Just as we sleep, eat, drink, and brush our teeth every day, it’s also important for the psyche to be cared for daily.

Stronger together

Opening up about your thoughts, feelings, and challenges with another person is step one. We’re here to support you daily – like a coach on the sidelines.


Making Impact

Every person makes a difference in this ever-changing world. What goals and dreams do you want to achieve? And what positive action can you take today?