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Discover how our clients are successfully supporting mental well-being at work with OpenUp.

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Success stories of our partners

OpenUp’s role in shaping TicketSwap’s well-being strategy, three years on
Explore this video case study about the successful journey of TicketSwap and their commitment to employee well-being through the long lasting partnership with OpenUp.
DEPT® Agency: Transforming workplace culture with OpenUp
Discover how DEPT®, a leading digital agency, transformed their workplace culture with OpenUp. In this video case study, Letitia Louwerse, Head of People and Culture shares their journey of implementing OpenUp for their 750 employees.
NTT Data: fostering resilience among employees in an IT consulting firm is essential
Zoubida Belhoussine, Head of People at NTT Data Benelux, explains the company’s challenges and gives us some insights into the partnership with OpenUp.
How EcoVadis guides diverse employees towards positive mental well-being
EcoVadis is the leading provider of business sustainability ratings. One of their greatest assets is having employees from different nationalities, which brings the responsibility to take care of each person’s individuality - also in terms of mental well-being.
How Flix SE promotes mental well-being at over 20 locations
With over 20 locations around the world, it is very important at Flix SE to make the mental well-being offer available to all employees, no matter where they are and what language they speak.
GoodHabitz: creating a positive ripple effect for employee mental well-being
GoodHabitz aims to help individuals and companies improve their knowledge and skills through engaging online learning content. By providing all their employees with access to OpenUp, they're championing employee mental well-being, fostering a harmonious and productive workplace.
How GoHenry fosters a happier and more meaningful work environment
GoHenry is a leading financial education company that provides a debit card and a financial learning app for children. The goal is to help kids learn about money in a practical and fun way, whilst allowing parents to monitor and nurture healthy spending habits in their children.
How Ace & Tate supports employees' resilience in a fast-paced environment
Ace & Tate is a visionary eyewear brand with retail stores in Europe. Their goal is to to help their employees become more resilient and to avoid issues turning into burnout.
myBrand Conclusion: navigating digital transformation through cooperation and resilience
myBrand Conclusion is a successful SAP and OutSystems service provider with daring and self-confidence aimed at setting the market standard. myBrand Conclusion is part of The Conclusion Ecosystem.
Chatter Communications on how businesses who make their people matter see the kind of results that matter
Chatter is one of the UK’s most experienced employer branding experts, since 2011 they’ve been helping businesses like ITV, Asda and FIVE GUYS attract, recruit and engage talent using employer brands that make people matter.
How OpenUp became an outlet for venting at Mister Spex
Mister Spex is one of the leading optician brands in Europe. By partnering with OpenUp, they are able to support employees, even in difficult times, and bolster the minds of its diverse workforce – from those working in logistics to those on the shopfloor.
How Dopper promotes employee engagement with OpenUp
Dopper is a social enterprise whose mission is to empower people to choose reusable over single-use plastic water bottles to protect our worlds water sources.
Nexio Projects: a holistic approach to mental well-being
Nexio Projects is a sustainability consulting firm on a mission to support and guide organisations in their journey from compliance to purpose.
OpenUp as a gamechanger for employee's mental well-being at Picnic
Picnic changes the way people do groceries. Ever since Picnic was founded, they wanted to offer something in relation to mental health.
jobvalley: How OpenUp boosts employee satisfaction with measurable results
jobvalley is a digital platform that connects students, young professionals and businesses through intelligent matching. Its collaboration with OpenUp contributes significantly to making employees at the company feel good about themselves and well taken care of.
How Clay Solutions reduces absenteeism, especially in long-term sickness
Clay Solutions offers IT solutions and consulting in the Netherlands. They believe that people can only flourish when they are feeling happy and healthy - physically but also mentally.
How #You supports employees' mental well-being in times of the pandemic
#You is an advertising agency from Germany. They chose OpenUp as partner for their employees' mental health thanks to the quick sign-up process and the friendly and uncomplicated support.
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