What will the future workspace look like?

16 Mar ‘21
1 min
Gijs Coppens

Business leaders are working hard to redesign, reorganize and rebuild office spaces and work processes to ensure safety and compliance once workers return to the office. But as organizations develop these comprehensive plans to make their office spaces work, questions linger: How likely is it that workers even want to return? What should business leaders expect? What does an optimal back-to-office experience look like?


Now that it looks like we can slowly move back to the office again in the next 12 months, both Forbes and Harvard Business School analyzed the current situation, and speculate about what the future holds.


In the article of Forbes, business leaders are advised to develop reentry strategies centered on the “5 C’s” – competence, care, calibration, communication and collaboration. Read the full article here.


In this article of the Harvard Business School Several HBS faculty members shared advice to help leaders prepare for the “next normal. Topics such as mental health and being honest are discussed. Read the full article here.