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Female Health: Decoding Your Menstrual Cycle

  • calendar-icon Tuesday 12 December 2023, 13:45 - 14:30
  • Spots available - Masterclass
  • union-icon English
  • Rianne Toenhake

Explore the fascinating intricacies of the female body and the menstrual cycle in this informative masterclass. Join Rianne Toenhake, a medical doctor and lifestyle expert at OpenUp, as she demystifies female hormones, explores the menstrual cycle, and unveils the latest scientific insights on women’s health. 

Renowned for her expertise in all matters related to female anatomy, pregnancy, and hormones, Rianne will guide you through: 

  • – Learning more about female hormones and the menstrual cycle
  • – Recognising and tracking your body’s signals
  • – Practical tips that support your menstrual cycle and overall well-being

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