HR panel talk

Prioritising mental well-being in a dynamic work environment


Let our panel experts Leonoor de Vries (Ace & Tate), Anne-Marie Andric and Gijs Coppens (OpenUp) inspire you with practical insights on how to create a supportive workplace culture.

Get expert tips to support employee mental well-being

Join us virtually on June 1st at 16:00 CET to gain practical tips for prioritising mental well-being in your organisation – sign up now.

During this panel discussion you will discover more about…

  • How to provide support and resources for employees that might be struggling
  • What managers can do to help employees open up about their mental well-being and how can you create a safe space
  • Trends in mental well-being at work
  • Q&A with our panel guests

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Gain practical knowledge on supporting workplace well-being

Since 60-75% of people state they are dealing with mental well-being challenges daily, it’s vital for organisations to know how to navigate this topic in an effective way. Join this panel discussion about the importance of a supportive (work) environment within the organisation, together with Leonoor de Vries, Head of People at Ace & Tate, Anne-Marie Andric, Chief of People Officer at OpenUp and Gijs Coppens, founder of OpenUp.

About our panel members

Leonoor de Vries, Head of People at Ace & Tate
Leonoor studied Work & Organisational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. She joined Ace & Tate as their first HR employee back in 2015. During the first years she built the People Team and set up all core functionalities, policies and systems while laying the foundation for Ace&Tate’s culture and values. Since 2021, her focus lies on leading a team of People Partners & Operation Specialists for both HQ and Retail departments.
Anne-Marie Andric, Chief of People Officer at OpenUp
With 20+ years of experience, Anne-Marie is an experienced HR leader. Working in fast-paced, performance-driven, multicultural, and rapidly changing environments increases her energy.
Gijs Coppens, founder of OpenUp
After his studies Mechanical Engineering and Innovation Management at Delft Technical University, Gijs Coppens set up a production business in Asia. His experiences as an entrepreneur led him to develop an interest in psychology. He studied Clinical Psychology and specialised as a Clinical Psychologist at the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam. As an entrepreneurial psychologist, Gijs connects worlds of technology and psychology. In 2019, he founded OpenUp because he believes that working on our mental well-being can benefit all. With OpenUp, he is on a mission to make mental well-being accessible to everyone in Europe.