HR Podcast: OpenUp at the workplace #1 with Janet from PwC

25 Apr ‘24
5 min
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EPISODE 1 OpenUp at the workplace HR podcast Janet Visbeen PwC

Episode #1 with Janet Visbeen, Board Member of PwC


Welcome to our first episode of the OpenUp at the Workplace” HR podcast – a series dedicated to exploring mental well-being within the work environment and beyond. This podcast is a must-listen for HR and people leaders committed to fostering a culture of well-being and empowerment in the workplace.


Explore insightful discussions led by host Jesper Vieveen with OpenUp founder and healthcare psychologist Gijs Coppens and our guest Janet Visbeen, Board member of PwC. Together, they unpack the nuances of creating a workplace that not only fosters well-being but also empowers employees to thrive. Don’t miss out on the full episode of this pivotal HR podcast, “OpenUp at the Workplace” with PwC.


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Key Learnings and Practical Takeaways



Creating a Supportive Culture


  • Gijs Coppens defines mental well-being as having something meaningful to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. This holistic view encourages a workplace that integrates purpose, support, and future aspirations into its culture.
  • The importance of a workplace culture that actively promotes mental well-being through leadership example-setting, open dialogues about mental health, and inclusive policies.



Empowerment through Flexibility


  • Flexibility in work arrangements and understanding individual needs are crucial in supporting employees’ mental health and productivity.
  • Janet Visbeen speaks on the real-life challenges employees face, such as managing family responsibilities alongside professional roles, and how PwC supports staff in navigating these complexities.



Ongoing Education and Development


  • Continuous learning and development opportunities are essential for fostering an environment where employees feel valued and equipped to handle workplace demands.
  • Leadership is pivotal in shaping the mental well-being of employees. This segment of our HR podcast highlights how leadership is crucial in shaping mental well-being, fostering safe, inclusive, and understanding spaces for employees to express their needs and perform their best.



About our HR podcast guest: Janet Visbeen (PwC)


Partner, Member of the Executive Board, Chairman of the Tax & Legal Board, PwC Netherlands


Janet’s work at PwC consists of advising listed organisations, start-ups and organisations in transformation (M&A or reorganisation) on their remuneration strategy, incentive design, corporate governance, and international tax structuring. Her advice includes tax, financial, legal, commercial and ESG aspects in order to provide clients with a fully integrated solution. As of 1 July 2022, she is a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Tax & Legal Board and responsible for the Human Capital portfolio.


‘I am convinced that culture and leadership are the key differentiators for creating a successful, value-driven organisation.’



OpenUp at the workplace with PwC – Episode Guide and timestamps:



00:00 – 03:39: Introduction and Defining Mental Well-being

Gijs Coppens discusses his perspective as a psychologist on what constitutes mental well-being, emphasising meaningful activities, relationships, and future aspirations.


03:40 – 09:08: Initial Guest Interaction and Personal Insights

Jesper introduces Janet Visbeen and they discuss her experiences and insights related to personal and professional well-being, including the impact of leadership and workplace culture.


09:08 – 18:03: Challenges and Strategies at PwC

Janet talks about specific challenges related to mental well-being at PwC, such as work-life balance and stress management. She outlines strategies implemented at PwC, including leadership training and flexible work policies.


18:03 – 25:58: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Janet elaborates on the diversity and inclusion initiatives at PwC, discussing how they contribute to mental well-being by creating a supportive and respectful workplace environment.


25:58 – 42:30: Future Goals and Technological Impacts

Discussion of future goals for enhancing workplace well-being at PwC, including the integration of technology and AI, and how these tools are expected to influence workplace practices and employee mental health.


42:30 – 50:43: Leadership and Conclusion

The episode concludes with a focus on the role of leadership in supporting mental well-being. Janet and Jesper reflect on the need for ongoing improvement and the importance of leadership in fostering an open, inclusive, and supportive workplace.



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We hope you enjoyed our HR podcast episode of “OpenUp at the workplace” with PwC. We’re happy to receive your feedback.


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Janet Visbeen on Leadership and Work-Life Balance:


“We are very much focused on our clients, we want to bring the best solutions, and that’s not always a 9-to-5 job… combining those two is almost an impossible task, and that’s what we get back from our staff. They need to feel comfortable to balance that.”
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