Work Performance in a Nutshell

27 Nov ‘23
2 min
Work performance

Do you feel connected to what you do, supported by your colleagues, proud of your achievements? Job satisfaction has a major impact on our mental well-being. Doing your best at work can provide you with energy and help you realise your full potential.



Understanding Work Performance for a Fulfilling Career


Work performance is not just about meeting deadlines and ticking off tasks; it’s about thriving in your chosen field and finding fulfilment in your daily efforts.


It encompasses your ability to achieve your goals, contribute to your organisation’s success, and grow professionally. Achieving peak work performance means consistently delivering your best work, embracing challenges, and finding purpose in your role.


Work performance is the culmination of your skills, attitude, and effort in the workplace. A major component is also determined by your ‘why’: your job satisfaction and the sense of fulfilment you derive from work. 



Challenges in Work Performance you may face

  • “I sometimes struggle to focus at work”
  • “What can I do to stay motivated?”
  • “How do I manage my time better, and be more productive and happier at work?”
  • “How can I learn to navigate changes in the workplace and embrace a growth mindset?”


The link between work performance and mental well-being 

As adults, most of us spend a significant chunk of our time working, so it’s no wonder our work performance has a major influence on our mental well-being. Being productive, working in a positive environment, and being rewarded for doing something we are good at makes us feel fulfilled. It also impacts how energised and motivated we are throughout the day.


In general, our work needs can be broken down into three elements: a sense of autonomy, competence, and relatedness. But it’s important to remember that our level of job satisfaction depends on personal preferences. Each person’s path to a rewarding, challenging, and meaningful career is unique.

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