We make mental well-being accessible to all

At OpenUp, we support companies, their employees and the families of employees with mental well-being. Via our OpenUp platform, they receive direct access to health checks, self-help programs, group sessions and webinars, mindfulness training and a large team of recognized psychologists. In our company, we build high-performance teams to deliver the best services possible for our users. We enjoy raising the bar and making it to the next level.

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Our mission

Psychological well-being can be thought of as a trained body. If you take good care of your body every day, you will have a strong body. A body that can take a beating, recovers quickly and has a healthy immune system. The same is true for the psyche. If you take good care of your psyche, it will become stronger, more flexible, and able to recover after psychological pain.

We are on a mission to make professional help for this accessible to everyone.

Our journey so far

Mar. 2020
First consultation
Jan. 2021
10k+ people that have access to OpenUp
Jan. 2022
100k+ people that have access to OpenUp
Feb. 2022
Supporting people in 15+ countries
Feb. 2022
140+ colleagues from 17 different nationalities
Mar. 2022
120k+ people that have access to OpenUp
Apr. 2022
Opening Berlin office
May. 2022
Launch OpenUp in France
Jun. 2022
150k+ people that have access to OpenUp
Sept. 2022
Launch OpenUp in UK and Spain
Nov. 2022
New office to facilitate the growth
Jan. 2023
200k+ people that have access to OpenUp

What we offer you

These are things we highly value

Healthy food and drinks are on us

  • Daily vegetarian lunch at the office
  • Premium coffee to sharpen your focus
  • Healthy snacks and fruit

We take care of your mental well-being

  • Weekly mindfulness sessions with our psychologists
  • Free consultations with your own psychologist
  • OpenUp for your family and friends

We love to do fun stuff together

  • Yearly trip and company festival
  • Monthly strategy meetings and Friday drinks
  • Padel practices and other sport activities with your colleagues
Account Executive - German Speaking
Account Executive - German Speaking
Business Development Representative - Dutch Speaking
Business Development Representative - German Speaking
Enterprise Account Executive - Dutch Speaking
Human Resources
HR Specialist
OpenUp psychologists
Psychologist - (native) Arabic speaking (Freelance)
Psychologist - (native) Dutch speaking (Freelance)
Psychologist - (native) English speaking (Freelance)
Psychologist - Turkish Speaking (freelance)
Team lead Psychologists - German Speaking
Legal Counsel
The Netherlands
Tech and Product
Content Specialist - Online Courses
Preferable in Netherlands - Remote possible

Some of the most asked questions

Any advice for making a great application?

Getting to know us in advance always helps! Read about us, check our social media, dig a little deeper in our mission. When applying, remember there are humans like you behind the screen, so include something that speaks for you. Let us know why you would like to work at OpenUp. Tell us about your passions and your greatest achievement. We are looking forward to knowing more about you! 💚

When will I know the final outcome?

We aim to complete your application process within about one month. This will vary according to a few factors, such as availability and number of candidates. Feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with us.

Working remotely?

At OpenUp, we follow a hybrid working model, meaning you will be able to work from home and from the office, according to yours and your team’s needs. 

What should I wear?

Dress code? 💃 Whatever feels good to you! We want to see you be yourself with us, anytime, anywhere, whether this is your introduction or your company anniversary!

Who will I meet during the process?

You’ll meet with a variety of OpenUp team members from different departments, including recruiters, potential team members, and your potential manager.

Any questions?

If you would like to learn more about our roles – feel free to reach out to