Judith Klenter

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Judith is a psychologist at OpenUp. She listens to you calmly and without judgment, and invites you to see things from a new perspective.

One of the main questions you’ll hear while working with Judith is: Where do you think your thought comes from? In this way, she invites you to explore the (unconscious) beliefs you may hold about yourself and your life.

She provides a safe space for you to share what’s on your mind and helps you find the tools that are necessary to develop healthy coping strategies.

Judith has experience in systemic and behavioral therapy. In the past, she worked with clients experiencing issues such as domestic and gendered violence, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and stress. This experience has confirmed Judith’s belief that working on mental health in a preventive way, is crucial.

Judith believes that mental health and social justice are intertwined. That is why she considers making therapy accessible for everyone to be the first step to improving mental health on a global scale.

To take care of her mental health, Judith practices mindfulness, yoga, and pilates. In challenging times, she slows down and checks-in with herself at the end of the day. She believes that a good social network is crucial for mental wellbeing, and, therefore, prioritises her meaningful relationships.

Judith obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the VUB in Brussels.

Judith speaks English, German, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

“What have you done to stay afloat? Which coping mechanisms are you already using? What would be a good outcome of our conversation for you?’’