Katja Fieguth

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Katja is a psychologist at OpenUp. In her consultations, an open and positive atmosphere is key. One of the things that you will be focusing on when working with Katja is understanding how your system influences your behavior. A system can be your family, partner, manager, colleague etc.

For her own mental health, Katja practices yoga regularly and spends lots of time with her greatest passion: horses. She has a horse called Tinkerbell which she also uses for her work (outside of OpenUp). Writing is another way for Katja to stick to her inner self.

Katja studied Psychology in Berlin and Madrid and is a systemic coach & therapist. She got her diploma after a 3 year education at the iGST in Heidelberg, Germany.

Katja has lived as an expat in Singapore and Hongkong and worked for different companies as a moderator and trainer in Asia, Germany, and the Netherlands. She has over twenty years of work experience.

She speaks English, German and Dutch.

"How can you feel in control and translate your thoughts into actions?"