Soesja Vogels

Stress and anxiety Finding purpose

Soesja is a Psychologist at OpenUp. During the sessions, she will help you to explore your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Together you’ll identify the steps you need to take to point you in the right direction. Trust and openness are central in the session. Soesja is a great listener, gets straight to the heart of the matter and is solution-oriented in her thinking.

She can help you to learn how to handle negative thoughts and emotions, set your own boundaries and bring structure to your life. She will do all this in a positive and non-judgemental way. Hereby, she focuses on making shared decisions and solutions.

In order to deal with her own thoughts and feelings (for example, with stress before giving a presentation), she often asks herself: will this still matter when I am 80? It helps her to distance herself from the situation and worry less about it.

Soesja received her master’s in Developmental Psychology from the University of Utrecht. Also, she completed the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy course. Soesja speaks both Dutch and English.

"Seeking help is the first, biggest, and bravest step; let's look together at the next step(s) that are right for you."