Yara Casteleijn

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Yara is a psychologist at OpenUp. Her warm and open character makes you feel safe and at ease to discuss your challenges.

Yara uses a goal-orientated approach. Together you will create a clear and concrete goal. You don’t have to know exactly what you would like to work on already, this is something you can figure out together. Together you will look at your current situation and discover what you truly want in life. You will determine the needed steps towards that direction. Yara is convinced that following these steps creates self-awareness, which is essential in realising your desired change. She helps you develop skills and daily habits that feed and empower your goals.

CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and mindfulness are central to her approach. She gained extensive experience with these methods by coaching athletes and giving courses over the last couple of years. She also gives personal examples of how she uses certain methods in her daily life or during personal challenges. The thing she enjoys most about her job as a psychologist is determining what motivates and empowers you in your personal development.

To take care of her mental health, Yara starts every morning by exercising and writing. These habits give her joy and energy. She also enjoys being in nature, reading books or cooking for friends and family.

Yara obtained her Master’s degree in Health Psychology at the University of Utrecht. In addition, she coached professional athletes in sports, individuals and teams in Business. She specialised in Positive Psychology and followed a course for ACT-practioners and Running Therapy.

Yara speaks both Dutch and English.

"Every step you take in the direction of your goal presents a new challenge, but an even bigger reward. Which steps do you take? "