Myrthe Weijschedé

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Myrthe is a psychologist at OpenUp. Together with you, she investigates what is going on and how there are opportunities and possibilities next to challenges. Trust and self-direction are central to this.

Myrthe is there for you when you need a listening ear, but also helps you with questions about stress, uncertainty and value- or strength-oriented living and working. Also if you don’t know what you want, you can contact her. She invites you to see which first step you can take today.

Myrthe listens, asks questions and confronts where necessary. With genuine curiosity she offers insight, overview, and structure. She helps you to deal with limiting thoughts or feelings in your life.

What continues to intrigue her, is what drives people. What is the source or motivation behind certain behavior? And how helpful is that? A certain motive can feel very comfortable in the short term, but at the same time not contribute to your long-term goals.

Myrthe starts her day with a cup of coffee and a short mindfulness excersise. It helps her to stay calm during the day, and start her day more conscious.

Myrthe obtained her master’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology at the VU University Amsterdam. She also has experience as a team leader, a member of the management team, and as a consultant in the Learning and Development field. She speaks both Dutch and English.

"I like to ask te question: 'are you doing the right things?' In this way I stimulate others but also myself to apply more effective strategies."