Daniela del Carpio

Self-confidence Stress and anxiety Relationships
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Daniela is a psychologist at OpenUp. She believes that a conversation based on empathy, compassion and a little sense of humor can lead to big changes. Together as a team, you work on building the life you want to live.

Daniela combines CBT and ACT interventions to suit what you need. She helps you explore the relationship you have with your mind, emotions and others, to promote habits and decisions that will bring you closer to what you want out of life.

To take care of her mental health, Daniela takes long walks and keeps in touch with her family and friends back home. She also reminds herself to practice gratitude every day.

Daniela obtained her Master’s in Clinical psychology at Utrecht University. She has experience helping with fear, anxiety, self-confidence, dealing with emotions, interpersonal relationships, among others.

Daniela speaks Spanish and English.

"What can we do to bring you closer to the person you want to be? Let's discover it together!"