Annemarie van Raay

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Annemarie is a psychologist at OpenUp. As an organisational psychologist, she has a holistic view of our ‘humanity’. This means she considers the human being as a ‘whole’; physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. One cannot exist without the other and a change on one level affects the others. Annemarie inspires trust and first of all, creates a safe environment. Only when one feels safe, one can share things. Furthermore, she is open-minded and does not find things easily crazy.

As an organisational psychologist, she has many years (20+ years) of HR experience in various organisations. She is also a registered mediator and conflict coach. Annemarie has a great affinity with themes such as personal leadership, personal development, personal growth, meaningful living and also dealing with difficult situations, conflict prevention, conflict management and loss and mourning.

She is convinced that we can grow as human beings by seeing situations as opportunities to evolve and, for example, set boundaries, shed limiting beliefs or learn to accept ‘what is’. To eventually come back to our core, a diamond, where we are ‘exactly right as we are’.

Annemarie herself ensures good mental health by taking enough time for herself, providing a loving environment, going into nature, exercising regularly and eating healthy.

Annemarie studied Labour and Organizational Psychology at the University of Groningen, did a Mediator training and ‘The Journey’ training by Brandon Bays.

Annemarie speaks Dutch and English.

"Do you want to take a first step to a more authentic version of yourself? I am happy to guide you in this."