Niels den Daas

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Niels is a psychologist at OpenUp. Niels provides a listing ear and creates clarity on your challenges and opportunities. Together with you, Niels will look at your current situation. In every conversation, he will try to give you a tool to use in daily life.

He uses his unique combination of training and experience to help you to work through a broad range of issues. He likes to get straight to the heart of the matter but will be just a listening ear if this is what’s needed.

To take care of his mental health himself, he starts every morning with movement, meditation, and a self-love practice. Also, he ensures to keep enough time in his day to do things that are just for himself.

Niels studied both Neuroscience & Clinical Neuropsychology, and is a certified breathwork coach. His experiences as a neuropsychologist, entrepreneur, leader and employee help him to see situations from different perspectives.

Niels speaks both Dutch and English.

Niels den Daas
"The more aware I become of my own imperfections, the more humble and compassionate I learn to be towards myself and others. I stop judging and focus on taking action to make things better, instead."