Francisco Gazquez Rodriguez

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Paco is psychologist at OpenUp. He likes to listen with an open mind to his clients to get a clear insight into their difficulties and struggles in life.

He is a professional clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist and mindfulness teacher and he combines classical approaches (CGT) with state-of-the-art therapy solutions as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Activation Therapy (BAT)

His way of working includes a clear intention to clarify ideas, make an accurate diagnose of the situation and provide useful tools to reduce suffering and improve well being.

Paco is an experienced clinical psychologist, helping clients with a huge variety of issues like depression, anxiety, stress, pain, burn-out a.o. His work history includes also corporate experience solving conflicts and managing diversity.

To take care of his mental health himself, he mediates every day and stays active. Humor, gratitude and compassion are also important topics that he includes in his daily activities.

Paco speaks English, Dutch and Spanish (native)

"Everyone needs to climb his own mountain. Sometimes is it easy, sometimes is it hard. I cannot climb your mountain for you but maybe we would be able to clear a bit the way together."