Everyone feels insecure now and again. Our self-esteem can vary from one day to the next. One day you may feel proud of yourself for bringing in a new client or passing an exam, but the next day you might feel disappointed in yourself for letting a friend down. We should all aim to have a predominantly positive image of ourselves – this ensures that we feel self-confident and that we can be the best version of ourselves.  People come to us with questions such as:

“I find it hard to set boundaries”
“I often feel that I’m not good enough”
“I feel that others can always do things better than I can”

Stress and anxiety

Stress, also called tension or pressure. Stress is not by definition unhealthy. You need a certain amount of stress to function properly. Healthy stress is the tension you feel before an exam, performance, job interview, work deadline or other exciting events.  We help people with questions like:

“I often worry about the future”
“In the weekends I find it hard to enjoy my free time”
“I feel so stressed, that I’m sometimes scared I will literally collapse”

Work performance

Job satisfaction has a major impact on our mental well-being. Do you feel connected to what you do, supported by your colleagues, proud of your achievements? Getting the best out of yourself provides energy and ensures that you realize your full potential.

Finding purpose

Feeling one has a purpose in life, perhaps a meaningful job, can have a huge impact on our mental well-being.  But how to go about figuring this out for yourself? How to ensure one doesn’t get loose sight of this with our everyday distractions? Perhaps you also have questions such as:

“I don’t know what makes me happy (anymore) ?”
“What is really important to me at this point in my life?”


Insights into your mental well-being

With the OpenUp check-in you can measure how you feel at the moment. Based on the results, you can determine whether you would benefit from talking to a psychologist.

Finding connection in our relationships

Relationships with others are important for your mental health. Relationships with friends, family, your partner, colleagues, manager and online relationships are all an important part of your happiness.  The key to it all is connection and feeling heard.

“I feel my manager doesn’t take me seriously.”
“I’m having a tough time trusting my partner, how do I tackle this?”
“My parents give me the impression they don’t agree with decisions I make.  I’d love to talk to them about it but I don’t know how to start.”

Healthy lifestyles

Leading a healthy lifestyle has a positive influence on our mental health and resilience. Nutrition and exercise play an important role. Where to start? What is really important? And how does one go about changing these habits?


Poor sleep can be a result of many different things. But one thing is for sure, if you sleep poorly, it influences your everyday moods and emotions.

“I can’t fall asleep as night as my thoughts are running around in circles”
“Why do I wake up feeling exhausted?”


We all want to be more in the here and now, with our full undivided attention. Increased energy, enjoying life more and dealing with stress more effectively are all benefits of focusing more on the present. Daily practice is key here.

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