Kelly Veerkamp

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Kelly is a psychologist at OpenUp. She is currently living in the United Arab Emirates and loves exploring new cultures and travelling. It helps her to understand humanity in various contexts. At the same time it illuminates how societies can influence the personality of individuals. Motivated to understand the uniqueness and complexity of her clients, she works with person-centred and humanistic therapeutic approaches.

She believes that each person has the ability to improve any given situation, when equipped with the right guidance and mindset. Therefore, Kelly believes in establishing meaningful therapeutic relationships by having a warm, confidential, and solution-oriented approach. She offers support to deal with daily problems but also examines how to make space for the life you want, joy and new beginnings. 

Together, Kelly can work with you on empowering your personal development by setting goals and determining priorities in developing healthy self-concepts, emotion regulation, increasing emotional resilience, improving the efficiency and productivity of work and improving relationships. 

To build on her work-life balance, Kelly prioritises self-care and relaxation. She loves to express her creativity in artistic ways such as ceramics, painting, and interior design. Other activities she is passionate about include pilates, hiking, and cooking. She is currently learning Spanish and loves spending time in nature.

Kelly obtained her Masters degree in Healthcare Psychology in 2018 at the University of Amsterdam. She gained experience working in a range of psychological interventions and therapeutic environments with diverse communities, providing group and individual therapy. This included treating people with addiction problems, personality disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders and multiple life-stage problems. She is trained in CBT, ACT and mentalised based therapy (MBT).

Kelly speaks Dutch and English.

“You’ve been doing the best you can with what you have, and today is another day to try again. You got this!”

"You’ve been doing the best you can with what you have, and today is another day to try again. You got this!".