Guidance from your online expert

Online video consults, chat or a mix? Schedule a free, no-obligation introductory meeting, and together we'll see what works best for you.

Video consults

  • Always the same expert
  • Consults of 25 minutes
  • To be combined with chat subscription
  • Secure online environment
  • 90% of our clients are helped after 3 sessions

Chat subscription

  • Always the same expert
  • Send messages when you want, psychologist or lifestyle expert responds frequently
  • To be combined with video consults
  • Secure online environment

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to many of your questions.
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How can I prepare for my OpenUp session?

Prior to your session, please take a moment to reflect on these questions:

1. What was your reason for booking a session at OpenUp?
2. What is your desired outcome of this session?

You can discuss your reasons and desired outcome with your expert at the beginning of your session.

If OpenUp is not offered by my employer, can still I purchase individual sessions?

If OpenUp is not offered by your employer, you can still purchase sessions, and your first session is completely free of charge. To purchase follow-up sessions, please visit video sessions to find out more.

Is video calling truly safe?

Absolutely! For video calling, we use a secure application. In addition, mutual trust and our professional code are leading in our services.

Therefore, it goes without saying for us that privacy is an important right.


See also: How is my privacy guaranteed at OpenUp?

How many online sessions can I have at OpenUp?

During your introductory session, you and your expert will assess whether your request aligns with OpenUp’s services. Typically, individuals see significant improvement in 3-5 sessions, combined with our other resources.


Together, we’ll determine the ideal session frequency based on your needs and goals. Your expert will evaluate the number of sessions you may need to see if your request fits our preventive framework. If your request doesn’t fit our preventive approach, we’ll guide you to the most appropriate help.

For my OpenUp session I’d prefer to call without video – is that possible?

While a video session is generally more effective, you have the freedom to opt for an audio-only session if you prefer. You can easily deactivate the camera during the video call to switch to an audio session.

“The psychologist listened carefully, she provided insight and practical advice. After our conversation I don’t feel my complaints are so serious, in fact they are quite normal!”

“Super accessible, which made it easy for me to “open up” as the platform is called! Solution-oriented, and pragmatic which speaks to my personal preference.”

“At the end of every session, I feel closer to becoming the person I aspire to be.”

“The conversation with my psychologist was very helpful. I definitely recommend OpenUp to others.”

“The psychologist I talked to was very kind and understanding. I believe she can help me a lot.”

“After the session, I felt positive and motivated. I had the opportunity to express my thoughts and the psychologist made me feel heard. The conversation helped me to focus on what’s important to me.”

“I’m happy I took the opportunity to talk to a psychologist. She handled my concerns well and guided me into finding a solution that works for me.”