Jochem Bukman

Stress and anxiety Work performance Finding purpose Lifestyle

Jochem is a psychologist for OpenUp and always looks for connections in order to investigate what is going on. He prefers to starts from your perspective, and wonders: What is your own explanation for your challenges? Whilst doing so he prefers to use humor to lighten up these issues, but is never afraid to confront whenever necessary for the proces.

To start his day with intention, he meditates every morning for ten minutes before. In addition, he takes a weekly moment to reflect and remain aware of his growth, what is going well, and what could be improved.

He prefers to combine his background in organisational psychology, his work experience and his clinical psychology master to reformulate challenges and to find fitting solutions.

"To ask for help is to be take charge. I look forward to helping you discover how you can have more influence. Where do you want to grow to? "