Jasmijn Eerenberg

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Jasmijn is a psychologist at OpenUp. She works empathetically, supportively, and where possible with a touch of humor. She helps you to get more insight into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.

In your conversations with Jasmijn, you will explore together what is holding you back and how you can deal with this. She stimulates you to practice in daily life.

In addition, during the sessions, she pays attention to what gives you energy and satisfaction. Through this goal- and strength-oriented approach you will get more insight in who you are, what you want, and what you can do.

To take care of her mental health herself, she tries to listen to her needs regularly and to balance between being busy/working hard and relaxing. “I regularly check in with myself by taking a short (breathing) break. In this break, I ask myself a few questions: How am I doing? And what do I need at this moment? This helps me to pause, reflect, and make more conscious decisions in my life.”

Jasmijn received her Master’s degree in Social Psychology from the University of Groningen and her Master’s degree in Policy, Communication and Organisation from the VU University Amsterdam. She is also a certified mindfulness trainer, trained by Centrum voor Mindfulness Nederland (CVM) and has completed the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) course. Jasmijn speaks both Dutch and English.

"Whenever I feel down, it always helps me to talk about it and I think everybody deserves this opportunity. I would like to help you to open up and share your vulnerabilities."