Noor Bruijn

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In the last couple of years, Noor has worked with adolescents and their parents. As a behavioural expert, she finds understanding the self and being kind to the self very important.

We all experience reality in different ways. Trying, learning and trusting are part of that process. Together, you can search for your drive and desires and explore what is holding you back within your own circle of influence. When your awareness increases and you get to know yourself better, it will be easier to recognise what can be changed and how to change it.

To take care of her own mental health, she spends time outside, reads books or practices yoga. Also, meditation creates space for Noor so she feels more freedom in how she reacts to things. It helps her recognise that she is not her thoughts and allows her to become an observer.

I believe that every human has their own wiring. Are you curious about yours? Let’s investigate it together!