Saskia van Nieuwkerk

Self-confidence Finding purpose Relationships Mindfulness

Saskia is a GZ-psychologist at OpenUp. During the conversations, you examine together what’s on your mind at the moment and how your situation and your personal characteristics contribute to this.

Saskia has an open and curious attitude and a calm demeanor, which helps you to feel at ease quickly and you’ll notice that you are being listened to. She helps you get to the heart of the matter, so that more insight is gained and you know which steps in the right direction you can take yourself.

Saskia obtained her master’s degree in clinical Neuropsychology in 2010 at the VU University in Amsterdam. Since then she has gained experience with various treatment methods. She prefers to work with schema therapy, CBT and mindfulness.

To take care of her own mental health herself, Saskia can be found in nature a lot, especially now that she has been living in South Africa since January 2021. She also regularly practices yoga and meditates daily.

Saskia speaks Dutch and English.

"Finding peace within yourself is an important quest for many people, especially in today's busy times. I'm glad I can support you with that at OpenUp."